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Applications from abroad

Reference information for filing Japanese patent applications, Japanese design registration application, and Japanese trademark registration applications from abroad


Japan Patent Attorneys Association (JPAA) provides IP Information on its website.

The Q & A in "Others"in thisIP Informationcan help you to resolve your concerns. For example, you may have a question of what the system of the Japanese utility models is. You can find the answers to this question in "Outlines of utility model system in Japan" in the Q & A, which states "Explain outlines of the utility model system in Japan."


Japan Patent Office provides Laws and Guidelines on its website.

The"Guidelines"and"Other Information"in thisLaws and Guidelinescan help you to resolve your concerns. For example, you can obtain information about examples of graphic images, architectures, interior designs of architectures which are now protected as designs under the Japanese Design Act, in"Case examples of registered designs"in this website.

Of course IFP also provides timely and best IP information and IP experts' advices to you.

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