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Patents Patents

Our patent attorneys are specialized in the technical fields of electrical, mechanical and chemical technologies so that we can widely meet the needs of our clients with a high level of expertise. It is our strong point that patent attorneys of different technical fields can work together and handle cross-field inventions.

Designs Designs

Design rights protect designs of products. Recently, the scope of protection has been expanded to include architectures, interior designs of architectures, and graphic images. We handles active measures for anti-counterfeit products utilizing a design rights system, as well as inventions. This makes your company's design management strategy more practical.

Trademarks Trademarks

We represent not only domestic but also overseas clients in trademark rights acquisition procedures. In particular, we will respond appropriately to Notifications of Provisional Refusal for Madrid Protocol applications that designate Japan. One thing to keep in mind for overseas clients is the differences in trademark practices regarding the description of designated goods and services. We strive to acquire trademark rights that have a wide range of rights and are easy to use by understanding the operations of our overseas clients.

Consulting Consulting

We provide IP consultancy services to support our clients' businesses.

Office administration Office administration

Another important aspect of a patent firm is the management of various procedural deadlines and office administration. In the administration division, we have an experienced patent attorney as manager and staffs who are fluent in foreign languages, ensuring deadlines and administrative management with a high level of expertise.

Technical fields we have dealt with

Electrical technology
electronic circuits (digital and analog), electric circuits, system control, semiconductor devices, image processing, computer graphics, game machines, business models, programs
Mechanical technology
industrial machinery, machine control, inspection equipment, analysis equipment, medical equipment, home appliances, semiconductor equipment, construction technology, civil engineering technology
Chemical technology
pharmaceuticals, foods, polymer chemistry, semiconductor manufacturing materials, inks, cosmetics, biotechnology
Technical fields we have dealt withTechnical fields we have dealt with
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Light, Heat,
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Physics 0.00 %
Electrical 0.00 %

※Data from 2017 to 2023

Foreign applications filed

IFP handles domestic and foreign patent applications.

Chart of foreign application resultsChart of foreign application results84の国と地域

We have filed applications in a total of 84 countries including not only countries in North America, Europe, and China, but also in East Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Oceania, Latin America, and Africa.
We have a system of close cooperation with patent attorneys and lawyers in each country so as to enable to respond quickly to the changes in foreign legal systems, and the system is supported by our patent attorneys and administrative staff fluent in foreign languages.

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